David Bateman

David Bateman is a spoken word poet and performance artist who teaches literature, and creative writing at a variety of post-secondary institutions across the country. His most recent collection of poems is a semi-autobiographical collaborative long poem about fathers, boozing, double-gendered desire, & international travel. The collection is entitled Wait Until Late Afternoon, and was written with novelist Hiromi Goto, and published by Frontenac House Press, Calgary cin the fall of 2010. David's other two solo collections of poetry, Invisible Foreground & Impersonating Flowers, are available online through Chapters/Indigo and were published by Frontenac as well. His most recent performance was seen across the country and was entitled A Brief History of White Virgins or The Night Freddy Mercury Kissed Me. In June of 2010 he will perfomring his solo monolgue 'What's It Like, an HIV serio-comic tirade, at the ACLALS conference in Nocisia, Cyprus.