2010 Festival Sponsors

Our festival is made possible by enlightened granting bodies, dedicated volunteers, and generous sponsors.


Thursday night, Canada Sings: Woodfire Pizza -- dinner for 20

Friday night, Canada Speaks: Moto-Tech Automotive -- $300

Satuirday, KNOCK KNOCK: $50 each

  • Chris Jans
  • Raven Feed Pet & Feed Supplies
  • Wordstorm 
  • Bruce Halliday
  • Village Liquor Store
  • Lesley, Robyn & Carly McMahon
  • Twin Beaches Mall
  • Raspberry's Jazz Cafe
  • New Society Publishers
  • The Skol Pub
  • Mid Island Co-op

Saturday Afternoon Feature, Dictionary of Snakes: Mad Rona's -- lunch for 20 (Fri.)

Saturday Afternoon Feature, Performance Art Salon: Robert's Place -- lunch for 30

Saturday Evening Feature, Canada Speaks 2: Dragon's Lodge -- $300

Sunday, KNOCK KNOCK: $50 each:

  • Double Dave
  • Raven Pet & Feed Supplies
  • Wordstorm
  • Gabriola Artworks
  • Haul All Disposal
  • Good Earth Gardens
  • Twin Beaches Mall
  • Withey's Water Treatment
  • Slice of Life Gallery
  • The Skol Pub
  • Mid Island Co-op

Sunday Afternoon Feature, October Ferries to Gabriola: Coast Realty -- $200

Sunday Afternoon Feature, Panel Discussion on Genres of Literary Performance: The Sounder -- $300

Sunday Evening Feature, Canada Speaks (closing night): Village Foods -- $300 in groceries

Book Table: The Island Book Shoppe -- $50

Art donations for our fundraising draw: Tammy Hudgeon and Jeff Molloy

Catering Sponsors: Woodfire Pizza, Mad Rona's, Robert's Place, Good Earth, Joelle Anthony, Silva Bay Resort, Slowrise Bakery

Special thanks to our volunteer chefs: Double Dave and Susie Stansfield