Poetry Gabriola Launches Foun10 of Uth: A Summertime Project for Creative Youth

Are you a writer between 13 and 19 years of age? Then here’s a chance to get creative!  Poetry Gabriola is commissioning six 'Poems of Place' - and we want your submissions!

Foun10 of Uth encourages youth to write, speak out, and experiment. Poems will be developed with experienced mentors during the month of August, and will focus on text that will be performed at a live event on August 28th, 2016. Youth artists will receive a commission fee.

Work can be in any format that uses text as a central element. Each submission will be juried and matched with a mentor, who will help develop the work over the course of four weeks, with two mentoring sessions that take place at the Commons Poetry Yurt.

We invite you to think about places on Gabriola, and respond to them—how they affect you, what they reveal, what they hide. Your work can be serious or comical, designed for the page or for live performance, it can involve media or sound. Get creative! The final works will also become part of Poetry Gabriola’s QR Anthology—a cumulative installation of sited text to be launched in August 2016.

How to participate:

If you are a youth artist, send us a sample of your work and a letter of interest. Poetry, songs, blog posts—If you are not sure if it fits, send it anyway and we’ll respond. Gabriola youth will get first opportunity, but Nanaimo youth can also apply—as long as the work is about Gabriola.

Deadline for submissions: July 27, Notification: August 3, Final Event: August 28. If you have questions contact Dinah D- info@poetrygabriola.com, please subject “Foun10 of Uth.”